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The business world is interconnected, and companies continue to expand their operations globally.

This intensifies competition and requires businesses to navigate diverse cultural, regulatory, and economic landscapes. Traditional hierarchical structures are being replaced by collaborative models.

Innovation, productivity, and response to market changes are key to being able to answer to market disrupters.

Consumers and stakeholders alike are concerned about issues such as climate change, ethical sourcing, diversity and inclusion, and fair labor practices. Companies that prioritize sustainability and demonstrate corporate social responsibility attract customers and talent.

In short, the business environment is volatile, and companies must be agile and adaptable to stay competitive.

Strategy, Leadership, Change

Who Are We?

Gerard Reumer

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Living and working across five continents over the past 30+ years,

I am a true global citizen. I gained extensive C-level experience in corporate as well as entrepreneurial businesses, with hands-on experience in leading management teams in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, the USA, and Canada.

Looking back, I greatly appreciated the diversity of cultures and working with teams in challenging circumstances, from greenfield developments to organizations- in-transition to companies in need of significant restructuring to secure a future for their activities.

Energy and Leadership are the common denominators and my experience covers upstream to downstream services, dry and liquid commodities, and mid- and downstream infrastructure facilities; from building new businesses, and restructuring mature businesses, to merging or selling undesired activities.

My ambition is to use this expertise to help companies and non-profit organizations in their Strategy, Leadership, and Change Challenges to secure a better future.

Independent, Discreet, and Result driven.


What others say

Imran Maniar

CEO Sui Southern Gas Company, Karachi, Pakistan.

I reported to Gerard from 2013 to 2019 as CFO of an upstream directional drilling company and subsequently the largest dry bulk storage company on the Gulf coast. Both businesses were rebuilt and strategically positioned to enable divestment as required by the shareholder. Having worked with him closely for six years I found him to be flexible, adaptable, and focused on strategy while at the same time allowing key managers the room to develop and grow under his leadership

Ashutosh Kaushik

VP Advario BV


Having had the privilege of working closely with Gerard for several years, I can confidently attest to his exceptional abilities in strategy, leadership, and change management. His strong change management skills, coupled with an empathetic approach, ensured a smooth transition thus inspiring confidence among team members during times of uncertainty. He is a person of utmost integrity who has exceptional work ethic and deep commitment to excellence.

Dirk Exalto


For me, Gerard is a confident, grounded, rationally driven leader who takes accountability for a business. Through his extensive international experience,he has proven his skills in terms of strategic thinking and change management.

He has a track record of delivering results and business improvements across diverse cultures and business settings.

Sean Sullivan

VP Carbon Calcination - Logistics, Rain Carbon LLC, USA

Gerard’s expertise in strategy was essential to successfully executing one of the most complicated business unit turnarounds/restructurings that I have experienced. It involved several simultaneous major industrial projects without disrupting operations. The turnaround of United Bulk Storage in Louisiana, USA, was high profile requiring coordination with a team of outside consultants, and oversight from the parent company board of directors, and would have failed without Gerard’s strong leadership skills.

Nathalie Nordemann

My journey thus far on this planet has brought me to many different countries.

These adventures were filled with discoveries about other cultures, and learning about different customs, religions, cuisines, languages, music, and arts.

Not only this but learning to live in vastly different climates, varying from the desert of Oman and the rain in the UK to the humid jungle in Southeast Asia. Through all these experiences and encounters, I've realized how beautiful mother earth is and how precious our lives are.

I’ve also become conscious that many of us don't realize how fragile our lives are, and how we may have slowly fallen ‘victim’ to the food- and pharmaceutical industry.

Fast food, alcohol, drugs, stress, sleep deprivation, and the ever-increasing pressure to perform has caused many of us to lose touch with who we are.

The mind-body-soul connection is often lost and many of us function only from the mind.

It’s my mission to help people take back control of their health in the broadest sense of the word: physical, mental, spiritual, and financial health.

It’s an honor to provide people with the tools to support their innate healing system

while also giving the opportunity to build a secondary source of income.

Ready to discover how you can empower yourself to become the leader

of your own health and embrace life to the fullest?

send me an email on:

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What others say

Michelle Vanzie

During her coaching, Nathalie truly listens to get to the root of the issue. After just the first Healy session, 5 months of feeling like my heart would beat out of my chest, just regularized. Thank you Nathalie!"

Sabine Herold

Before I met Healy I had intense problems with the correct bite of my teeth. The imbalance of my bite has caused pain in my jaw joint. Despite physio, osteopathy, and splint therapy, the pain has become less. The dentist, however, could not do any further dental work because of the pain symptoms. With Natalie Nordemann I had a Healy session online. For more than three weeks she also was sending me Healy frequencies. Through Healy, it is now possible for me to continue my treatment without pain. My emotional state has also improved extremely due to the freedom from pain. Now I can have my teeth adjusted and full of hope. Thanks again to Natalie and Healy, I can fully recommend it.

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